​​​​Making food safe and available, everywhere​​

The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented event, affecting communities worldwide. None of us have previously experienced a situation like the one we are currently going through. Our thoughts are with those most affected.

In this context, extraordinary measures are needed to ensure we can continue to deliver on our promise to protect what’s good. To do this, we have two priorities:

  • To protect people: By keeping people safe, both our own employees and those of our customers and other stakeholders
  • To protect food: By ensuring we help our customers maintain food supply for communities worldwide

We will continue to work with our customers, suppliers, governments and local authorities in our constant effort to achieve these two goals. This includes undertaking certain important measures at our own facilities and in our operations with customers. We will also work with local authorities worldwide, leveraging our resources to support the supply of safe and nutritious food.

Our global network of manufacturing sites is working together with our suppliers to mitigate as much as possible, any impact on the supply of Tetra Pak’s complete offering to our customers. We are also co-ordinating with our global logistics partners with the aim to ensure continued shipments to our customers in various potential scenarios.

We protect what’s good, and we stand behind our commitment to making food safe and available, everywhere. Now more than ever. Thank you to our employees, to our customers, and to our partners worldwide for continuing to work together to help communities respond to the challenges we face.​​

Adolfo Orive
President & CEO​

Tetra Pak President and CEO

Adolfo Orive

Adolfo Orive, Tetra Pak President and CEO