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Our annual Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive picture of how we are collaborating across the globe to contribute to the sustainable development of our industry. The report summarises our sustainability performance for the period 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023 and provides an update on our ambitions, actions, targets, and ongoing work to measure our progress.

A message from Adolfo Orive, President & CEO

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Food systems

Contributing to sustainable food systems1.

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Driving circular solutions2.

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Decarbonising3 our value chain.

Nature restoration project, man checking water quality


Helping to protect nature4.

Girls with Tetra Prisma Aseptic carton packages

Social sustainability

Creating positive social impact5.

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Go nature. Go carton.

Learn how we are collaborating across the globe to contribute to the sustainable development of the food & beverage industry.

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Moving food forward

Read about how we are working to support the transition to secure, sustainable and resilient food systems through our actions, products and solutions.

1 The term ‘food systems’ refers to all the elements and activities related to producing and consuming food, and their effects, including economic, health, and environmental outcomes. Food systems - OECD

2 Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “What is a circular economy?”. Source:

3 Our decarbonisation efforts focus on avoiding and mitigating GHG emissions correlated to our products and company, and carbon removal to balance unavoidable residual emissions through nature-based solutions and other initiatives.

4 Our ambition is to work with our own operations, suppliers, and customers to reduce the impacts of our value chain on nature. And to work to achieve global water resilience and restore landscapes, contributing to halting and reversing nature loss.

5 By positive impact we mean driving better outcomes for our workforce, for workers and communities in our supply chain, for workers in collection and recycling, and for people in our value chain in the areas of labour, discrimination, hazardous working conditions and sustainable income, among others.