Why you should work with a full-plant supplier

Are you considering expanding your business? Maybe thinking about adding a yoghurt line to your plant? You are facing an exciting time, but also numerous decisions. Why not partner with an expert to get some help along the way?

We help you find your niche


Even before your idea is fully developed, you can use us as sparring partners. Our Customer Innovation Centres combine global experience with local knowledge, to help you analyse your market and come up with a product concept with the right taste, characteristics, package, and price point for your consumers. You can then test your recipes at our Product Development Centres together with our specialists, to finetune them into perfection. This is a highly appreciated service that we offer our customers – and you can always come back to perform recipe trials without pausing your normal production.

We help you stand out on the shelf

Whether you go for ambient or chilled distribution, portion packs or family packs, our package portfolio offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, packaging material effects and openings to choose from. What they all have in common is that they are convenient, and help your brand stand out on the busy shelves.

We help you optimise your production

A common challenge for producers is that yoghurt is very sensitive to mechanical treatment. If mixed or stirred too hard and fast, the yoghurt may be reduced to an undesirable fluid consistency, or separate, forming a liquid layer. Thanks to our experience within yoghurt and a worldwide installed base of processing and packaging lines for yoghurt products, we have solutions for that. We are also world leading in ambient drinking yoghurt with particles, a product that generates high margins.

We can design a seamless line for your product, protecting food safety and upholding consistent product quality while maximising productivity. Our automation solutions are developed especially for food production and give you total control of your whole plant. And our services are designed to help you keep both your equipment and your performance in top shape.

It all boils down to food expertise

Food production is delicate. From a food safety & quality point of view it is best to partner with one supplier for your whole production line. With just one supplier, responsibilities are clearer, troubleshooting faster and administration easier. If you partner with Tetra Pak, you know that every detail is developed with food production in mind – and a real passion for yoghurt!

Let's talk!

Are you investigating new opportunities? Regardless of where you are located, we are close by, ready to help you with any questions regarding yoghurt.