Sustainable Food and Beverage products

The environment and health are the top two concerns for consumers globally. As more and more consumers reach for clean label and sustainable foods and beverage, the quest is on for new ways to approach product innovation. We are constantly working to help our customers develop and process the latest products that meet sustainability demands.

Renewable, recyclable and carbon neutral packaging

With increased demand on our food producers for a reduced environmental impact, packaging must be part of the solution. We’re working to develop the world’s most sustainable food package – cartons that are fully renewable, fully recyclable and carbon neutral. We know we won’t succeed without continuous innovation – the constant quest to rethink, revise and reimagine our technologies and solutions.

Unleashing the full potential of recycling

Today, global carton recycling infrastructures lack scale and optimised investments. That’s why, together with more than 140 active recycling partners, we’re working to advance the entire recycling value chain, from the initial design phase to the collection, sorting and recycling of carton packages. We can’t get there without rethinking current recycling systems and innovating at every level.

Tethered caps and paper straws

Tethered caps are designed to prevent plastic litter, and avoid plastic lids getting lost in the environment, where they could take hundreds of years to degrade. They are available as plant-based options, made from sugarcane-based polymers. Together with our paper straws, these renewable solutions enhance the consumer experience and reduce the environmental impact of our carton packages.
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