Creating win-win partnerships with startups

We’re on a mission to answer our industry’s most pressing questions, and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re always on the look-out for opportunities to combine the most innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology of startups with our expertise, solutions and scale. Together, we explore ideas, push technology forward and shape the future of the industry.

Startup collaborations in food

Exploring the potentials of precision fermentation

Precision fermentation is an innovative technique, introducing a gene into microorganisms to produce valuable food ingredients, such as proteins, fats and vitamins. Together with a selection of promising startups, we test the latest solutions in our ongoing pilot programs. With dairy as the first category to tap into precision fermentation, we aim to pave the way for our industry, providing startups with high-precision equipment, offering our technical expertise and monitoring important fermentation parameters.
Hand holding plate for microscope in laboratory

Turning by-products into resources

Acid whey is a common by-product of producing cheese and yoghurt. It is often seen as a waste, the disposal of which can severely damage ecosystems, e.g., changing oxygen levels in waters and creating algae bloom due to its nutritional values. With the mission to further contribute to a circular economy, we have partnered up with EnginZyme to explore the potentials of making sustainable use of acid whey, turning it from waste into a resource.
Eating yoghurt from a bowl with a spoon

Facilitating the rollout of insect proteins

Insect-based protein substitutes can play a significant role in developing more sustainable food systems of the future, especially in light of the latest approval of EU regulators in November 2020. Tetra Pak has been exploring this new territory with startups, such as Tebrito, finding processing solutions to make insect protein more acceptable in our daily diets. Together, we are designing product recipes, adapting processing solutions and conducting product trials, helping them to roll out their business on an industrial scale.
Man holding mealworm in hand

Meeting nutrition needs with encapsulation technology

With the demand for dietary supplements and functional foods on the rise, food manufacturers need to ensure their foods provide consumers with valuable vitamins and nutrients. By collaborating with the innovative startup, NuCaps, Tetra Pak co-creates unique processing solutions featuring innovative nanotechnology, which encapsulates nutrients and bioactive compounds and prevents degradation during the processing and storing of foods.
Man and woman working in laboratory

Startup collaborations in packaging

Protecting customers and consumers from fraud

More and more future-oriented packaging providers use scannable on-package codes to create engaging digital consumer journeys. For scan-and-win campaigns, however, this also requires certified anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure a code can only be scanned if the product was purchased. That’s why, Tetra Pak engaged in a campaign roll-out together with the start-ups Pikkart and Mumble. By utilising artificial intelligence-based solutions, we can work towards more secure consumer experiences.
Woman buying milk in a supermarket

Increasing carton collection through smart technology

Advancing carton collection on a global scale starts with providing local collection infrastructure and increasing consumer engagement. Together with Recircula, Tetra Pak is testing the technology to convert traditional waste bins into intelligent reverse vending machines. By utilising smart material recognition technology and supplying an incentivising reward system, we help raise awareness among citizens and increase carton collection. This is open innovation that protects the planet.
Recycling flat carton

Exploring the package of the future

What will the next-generation package look like and what do we expect from it in future? Together with FLEEPtech, we aim to find new ways to deliver traceable, safe and nutritious food to a continuously growing global population. Combining the latest technology of food and product monitoring with intelligent integrated functionalities, we explore how the future package can become smarter and more interactive while protecting food, planet and people.
Cartons conveyor factory

Startup collaborations in service

Delivering advanced remote support on a global scale

Working with customers on a global scale requires reliable support in any part of the world. To ensure a high-quality service experience, addressing customers in their local language is key. That's why, together with Language I/O, we’re working to incorporate a Tetra Pak-specific glossary into their translation engines, enabling better customer-centric communication in any local language.
Ipad table world map

Accelerating Services innovation

Rethinking services for our customers means thinking outside of the box. That's why Tetra Pak Services explores the innovation-supporting programme KICKBOX supplied by rready®, to promote innovative intrapreneurial solutions from within the organisation. The initiative, called ‘Fast Forward Services’, encourages innovations brought forth by our internal talent pool and deliver the support, expertise and sponsorship needed to transform them into value-adding services for our customers.
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Paving the way for a more connected workforce

Continuous and dynamic learning are crucial for maintaining productivity and high quality on-site. Tetra Pak aims to address our customers’ need for training and collaboration to help them utilise the latest technologies in the most efficient way possible. By combining our network with the software expertise of the startup, Poka Inc., we work on delivering micro-learning videos, skill matrices and operational collaboration via a comprehensive, connected platform.