​Packaging speaks volumes about quality

Consumers judge quality in seconds. They will choose to buy attractive packages from a full shelf.

Full shelves stacked with quality products will improve sales and improve the retailer’s image. They also add brand value for a manufacturer and demonstrate that their distribution network is working properly with minimal waste.

Our experts have helped hundreds of retailers all around the world deliver these benefits by helping them keep their shelves full of high quality packages. We do this by designing quality assurance systems at manufacturers’ production sites, advise on secondary, distribution packaging solutions and implement rolling throughput yield measurement systems that identify losses throughout the supply chain so sources of product damage can be identified and removed.

Each solution is designed to meet our customer’s specific needs. We work with customers all around the world to make sure the billions of packages we help produce every year reach retailers’ shelves and consumers’ homes in the best possible condition. This sustains brand value, maintains packaging quality and ensures food safety.

Tetra Pak has developed our unrivalled food quality expertise and reputation for maintaining food safety by working with the world’s leading food and beverage manufacturers. We are continuously developing the ways we support customers with packaging materials, equipment and services. 

This is why customers all around the world partner with Tetra Pak to guarantee their food quality and safety. To read more about the vital role we play, please visit: www.tetrapak.com/services