Kartongmatchen - fostering consumer awareness through competition for kids

Recycling has been a significant environmental issue close to consumers in Sweden for over 20 years. To boost the recycling rate of carton packages and actively engage the younger generation in eco-conscious practices, Tetra Pak initiated "The Carton Match" (Kartongmatchen) school competition in 2012.

With more than 357,000 participants from pre-school and grade F-6, it has become the largest school competition in the country.

Kids recycling carton packages at a recycling station

The primary objective of "The Carton Match" is to spread knowledge about the importance of recycling, its process, and the value of used cartons as a valuable resource for creating new products.

In 2015, the competition launched a digital platform (www.kartongmatchen.se) offering pedagogical and inspiring materials, videos, and tasks related to the environment and recycling. This platform provides real-time information on the competition, such as the number of participants and their reported collection rates. Since 2019, users can follow and compare collection rates and participants at the municipality level.

Our partners Skånemejerier, Arla, Norrmejerier, and recycling mill Fiskeby actively co-host tasks in the competition. Together, they contribute to creating engaging "matches" to encourage the active involvement of children and their families in recycling practices:

  • Match 1: Measuring the family's recycling efforts at home for two weeks and documenting a visit to a collection point.
  • Match 2: Creating a milk carton recycling campaign with a chance to feature on an actual milk carton.
  • Match 3: Spreading awareness to one hundred people and documenting the activity.

These tasks are thoughtfully designed to instil improved recycling habits in children and their families and inspire them to share their knowledge with others. Through "The Carton Match," Tetra Pak strives to empower the younger generation as environmental advocates, fostering a sustainable future and promoting responsible recycling practices across Sweden.

Kids collecting carton packages in a recycling bag


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