Paraguay celebrates milestone with first integrated beverage carton recycling facility

Paraguay achieved a significant milestone in its sustainable waste management efforts by commissioning its first post-consumer carton recycling facility. This fully integrated plant showcases the country's dedication to promoting recycling and circular economy principles.

Before establishing this recycling facility, Paraguay lacked a dedicated infrastructure for recycling post-consumer carton packages. The first post-consumer carton recycling facility in Paraguay, commissioned in 2022, provides a comprehensive solution to the recycling of beverage cartons. The plant has an impressive capacity to handle 1,500 tonnes of carton packages annually.

First recycling facility for beverage cartons in Paraguay

The facility is fully integrated, utilising the materials from carton packages efficiently. The fibres from carton packages are recycled and repurposed to produce secondary packaging and paper boards for palletising purposes. This creates a closed-loop system, where carton package fibres are reused in the packaging industry. The polyAl components from carton packages are also recycled into boards and tiles, adding value to the recycled materials and promoting a circular economy approach.

The establishment of the first post-consumer carton recycling facility in Paraguay is set to have significant positive impacts. With this integrated recycling facility, Paraguay can efficiently manage post-consumer carton waste, contributing to a more sustainable waste management system.

By recycling fibres and polyAl components into secondary packaging, boards, and tiles, the facility exemplifies circular economy principles and reduces the environmental footprint of carton packages.

The successful commissioning of the first post-consumer carton recycling facility sets a positive precedent for Paraguay's waste management practices. The country can build on this achievement by expanding recycling initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, and continuing to promote a circular economy approach. Through ongoing dedication and collaboration, Paraguay can continue making strides in sustainability and environmental stewardship for years.


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