​​Tetra Pak® Maintenance Services help food and drink producer reduce variability

Our customer was, and still is, interested in innovation and continuous improvement and wanted this to be at the core of what we deliver. It started with a maintenance service agreement, based on 500 hours of preventive maintenance, in 2014. We experienced some difficulties in the early days, primarily around standards and quality of the work and the overall machine performance. For example, there were issues with the Direct Injection Moulding, such as pull ring forming, cooling unit problems and component failures. Equipment performance needed to be more stable and predictable.

Working closely with the customer

We formed a Technical Account team, and since 2014 we have continued to work closely with the customer to continuously understand their changing priorities and aspirations. We have weekly and monthly reviews, focused on delivering value. We analyse and use data to prioritise delivery performance improvements. Today, the customer has a 3-year Tetra Pak® Plant Care with Performance Guarantee service agreement in place. This covers their three production lines and two site-based engineers.

Maintenance Services delivering equipment reliability

The skills and tools, which include Tetra Pak Maintenance System, from Tetra Pak deliver equipment reliability. We have also transferred our maintenance expertise to third party equipment utilized on the line. Between 2015 and 2016, we have made production output much more stable and predictable. Variability* has improved by 84%: from 24.5% to 3.9%.


  • Variability reduced by 84%

*What is variability? Variability measures the month-on-month differences of Line Machine Mechanical Efficiency (LMME), and thus indicates the stability of performance every month and the ability to rely on production targets in future months.

Production line in factory