Tetra Pak Türkiye and Momentum Waste Management bring recycling of beverage cartons to the next level

Tetra Pak Türkiye has joined forces with Momentum Waste Management to launch a state-of-the-art packaging waste collection and sorting facility in Türkiye.

It is set to be the first of its kind in the country, and will be able to segregate 100 tonnes of packaging waste daily, employing innovative technology to separate beverage cartons from other waste materials automatically. With a total investment of 2.5 million Euros, Tetra Pak has committed approximately 1.5 million Euros to this project, reaffirming its global commitment to recycling and developing circular solutions.

The challenge

Utilising recycling infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges in Türkiye is improving the collection and sorting infrastructure and effectively recycling packaging-related waste. Tetra Pak, a leading food & beverage packaging solutions provider, has taken on this challenge by expanding its recycling operations and promoting a circular economy in the region.

Beverage cartons waste
The solution

Revamping recycling landscape

Tetra Pak Türkiye has collaborated with Momentum Waste Management to improve the existing recycling landscape in Turkey. The main goal was to enable the efficient sorting and separate collection of various waste types, with a specific emphasis on composite packaging waste, especially beverage cartons. Momentum Waste Management provided its expertise in waste supply systems, field experience, and strong partnerships with paper and composite material manufacturers, who recognized the value of beverage carton waste as a valuable raw material.

Recycling facility
Looking ahead

Contributing to recycling increase and circular economy

Launching the innovative facility for collecting and sorting packaging waste marks a significant achievement in Turkey's journey towards a circular economy. This collaboration between Tetra Pak Turkey and Momentum Waste Management contributes to the recycling industry and promotes the value of waste materials such as beverage cartons. The responsible waste management benchmark is set by this partnership.

Looking ahead, Tetra Pak Turkey and Momentum Waste Management aim to expand their operations, further contributing to Turkey's recycling ecosystem while adhering to the principles of a circular economy. This initiative is a testament to their commitment to sustainability.

Green road

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