​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Rex® - packed with difference!

Since 1965 with the introduction of Tetra Rex, the package has become a staple item in fridges all over the world. We supply to more than 860 brands worldwide in 50 markets, and sales today equals to 7.5 billion cartons annually, underpinned by the highest product performance and environmental excellence.

Once used to replace the heavy glass bottles for milk, the variety of Tetra Rex applications just keeps on expanding. After milk came sour milk, cream, yoghurt, juices and still drinks. The list continues to grow with products such as desserts and puddings, soups and ice cream mixes, as customers become more and more inventive and are expanding on consumers' diversifying needs.  

Tetra Rex

During the last twelve months, we have seen more than 200 products being launched worldwide in Tetra Rex in different drink and food categories driven by the latest global trends and innovative products. Health stands out as one of the main trends, with many of the new products carrying 'enriched', 'organic' and 'natural' claims – and sometimes all three.

There are also myriad of 'good for you' products that are enriched, free from gluten, added sugar and preservatives as well as halal and kosher certified. Fifty year ago, who would have imagined categories like rice, nuts and seeds based drinks as well as eggs, coffee and wine would find their way into a Tetra Rex? Or exciting new concepts such as yoghurt quark and products with a creative combination of ingredients such as hazelnut eggnog and salted caramel creamer? Not to mention specially harvested milk with naturally occurring melatonin, which aids a good night's sleep?

But such products are today's reality and they show us that we may be just scratching the surface when it comes to the possibilities open to Tetra Rex. And that's why our work to support and give inspiration for different product categories in Tetra Rex is unrelenting.

In short, the Tetra Rex concept continues to show that it is as relevant and as innovative as it was when it first hit the shelves 50 years ago.