How UHT dairy drinks support the well-being trend

Consumers are on the lookout for food and drinks that contribute to their well-being. What does this mean for the dairy industry? This article gives you a rundown of different categories of so-called functional dairy beverages. You also get insights and eye-openers into the possibilities of the well-being trend, lactose free and enriched products – and how and UHT technology can support it.

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Take the flexibility route to success

On an ever-changing market, flexibility is key. To stay relevant to consumers, producers need to be able to move fast, try out new recipes and produce small batches in a cost-efficient way. And with a UHT line in place, expanding a product portfolio may actually be much easier and more straightforward than you think.

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Tapping into trends

The consumer of today is often on the lookout for healthy and hygienically safe products. Learn more about just how perfectly UHT products tap into these, and other, trends.

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All you need to know about UHT

New product possibilities, excellently aligned with consumer trends and a reduced carbon footprint: find out why UHT technology is the dairy production method for the future.

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