​​Tetra Pak® Extraction unit - Soya extraction at its best

Tetra Pak® Extraction unit is a system for the continuous extraction of soya base from whole or dehulled soya beans. It requires no soaking or blanching, which means lower water consumption and thus less waste water discharge to the environment.

Tetra Pak Extraction unit delivers superior soya protein yield, longer running time, lower water consumption and enables CIP (cleaning in place). All these benefits add up to major cost savings and reduced environmental impact, backed by performance guarantees.

Tetra Pak Extraction unit is a flexible, cost-efficient solution capable of producing beany or low beany RTD (ready-to-drink) soya products to suit consumers' requirements. Some examples of the high-quality products are:

  • Low-beany soya milk
  • Soya/cow milk
  • Soya drinking yoghurt
  • Soya juice
  • Traditional beany soya milk
  • RTD products from other grains (e.g. horchata, oat drinks, oat milk)

The system comprises three major sections – grinding, fibre separation and enzyme deactivation – which are integrated to produce a soya base with a high protein content and a high nutritional value.

After extraction, the soya base is then formulated, UHT-treated and packaged in Tetra Pak® Aseptic filling lines​.

Tetra Pak also offers full lifecycle support based on long experience and engineering skills, as well as a vast bank of knowledge in soya protein extraction. At the Soya & Tea Centre in Singapore, we share this knowledge with our customers. Moreover, we a Process Development Centre in Shanghai with Tetra Alwin Soy pilot plants, where customers can carry out extraction using their own soya beans, test new product formulations or develop processes with the help of our soya experts.​

Soy extraction line