Tetra Pak Shrink Wrapper 40 Speed

The new film wrapping platform for Tetra Pak A3/Speed and E3/Speed lines portion packages lines.

  • A film wrapper based on shrink technology for high quality package unit appearance.
  • Two independent wrapping units: production continues even if one unit stops
  • Runs with standard films with proven performance
  • Simple & fast packing pattern changeover
Tetra Pak Shrink Wrapper 40 Speed


Setting Displays

Setting Displays

Setting Displays controls important settings

Displays Set & Current values on 4 positions for each film wrapper module, making sure machine settings correspond to the chosen recipe.

Robust Package infeed

Robust Package infeed

Secures a stable package infeed to film wrapping unit

Integrated automatic conveyor lubrication secures correct amount of lubrication for a stable package infeed. Side flaps prevents unstable packages from bouncing and falling on conveyor.

Alarm tower and quick action buttons

Alarm tower and quick action buttons

Reduce downtime

Alarm tower and push buttons on both sides of the film wrapper. Alarms tower guiding the operator to the right place. Push buttons on both sides of the machine for quick operator intervention.

Settings and changeovers

Fast and accurate Package pattern change over

At patten changeover each display
indicates the target setting and the actual setting

Mechanical adjustments are made until
the values are equal to, or within the tolerance
range and turn from red to green

Production will not start if settings are out of range

Package measuring device secures input of correct measurements.

No tools needed to change packing pattern

Color coded settings

  • Green: package length
  • Orange: package width
  • Blue: package type

Reel splice sealing bar

Improves quality and reduce operator time

  • Eliminates manual taping.
  • Minimizes risk of film tearing due to incorrect taping
  • Reduces operator intervention time.
  • Eliminates risk of multipacks reaching the stores with taping.
2D design correction system Option

2D design correction system Option

Improved performance with printed film option

A 2D design correction system with improved
calibration and contrast reading corrects printed film alignment, eradicating the risk of unread design marks and consequent stops.