Best-practice lines for Cottage cheese

Quality and versatility based on expertise

Cottage cheese is a high-protein, low-fat fresh cheese. It is a clean label product, produced as loose curd and immersed in deliciously creamy liquid. The cheese can be consumed as is, or mixed with, for example, fruit or granola. Other areas of use are in smoothies, lasagna or as a replacement for mayonnaise in dips.

Our best-practice lines are designed for repeatable, stable production. They cover a wide range of capacities, recipes and production scenarios.

Full process control for stable product quality

With line guarantees on curd size, temperature and microbiological stability, you can rest assured your cottage cheese always has the right quality. We help you create the optimal, hygienic conditions to enable long product shelf life. And thanks to the gentle curd treatment, the packaged end-product looks mouth-wateringly tasty.
A portion of cottage cheese.

Expertise and business know-how

We base our line setups on attention to detail, our expertise – and your specific conditions and requirements. The equipment is our own all throughout, giving you the convenience of a fully automated and optimised solution from one single partner.
Experts discussing in office

Covering many production scenarios

Prefer to start small and expand later? The approach is modular, so you can just add more machinery later – there’s no need to replace what you already have. The line configurations support all types of cottage cheese recipes, enable small-batch production and cover capacities from 16,000 to 116,000 litres of milk per day. The equipment also offers the flexibility to easily switch to production of other cheese types.
Best-practic lines for cottage cheese