Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger

Maximize versatility and efficiency in heat treatment

  • Achieve unmatched product versatility
  • Secure excellent product quality and particle integrity – with uncompromising food safety
  • Maximize production and operational efficiency
Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger

​​Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger

A new generation coiled tubular heat exchanger designed to provide efficient heating and cooling of low to high viscous and smooth to particulate products.

Product pressure up to 300 bar, media pressure up to 10 bar, media design temperature 165 deg C.

Ideal for an extensive range of products – from smooth, high viscous sauces and dairy desserts to chunky soups and jams with tasty fruit pieces up to 25 millimetres in diameter.


High pressure rating up to 300 bar

Enables high capacity of high viscous products

Continuous processing of viscous products generates high pressure with increased velocity. The pressure rating of the Tetra Pak® Coiled Heat Exchanger enables you to process higher capacities of high viscous products, improving production efficiency and cutting cost per litre.

Coiled mono-tube with only one inlet and one outlet connection

Ensures gentle mechanical treatment

The coiled mono-tube unit has only one inlet and one outlet connection. This enables gentle mechanical treatment and ensures excellent particle integrity for particles of up to 25 millimetres in diameter.
Floating end

Floating end

Secures high hygiene and easy maintenance

The unit is designed for high hygiene and easy maintenance – with a floating end through the bottom flange. This design absorbs the effects of thermal expansion and prevents the tube from cracking.
Optional energy recovery feature

Optional energy recovery feature

Cut energy consumption by up to 47%

Reduce heating and cooling energy consumption thanks to an energy recovery feature that can save up to 2,800 tons of steam, up to 2,600 megawatt hours on utility water and electricity and reduce carbon footprint by up to 23% per year.