Minimise your production downtime, disruption, and costs with our faster, more efficient Remote Support service. With industry-leading innovations and features, and a new 24/7* Service Desk, our teams of world-class experts are closer to you than ever before, giving you greater peace of mind. It’s a modern, flexible solution that offers consistency and high-quality support, wherever you are in the world.

*For Packaging and PS&E Automation. For Processing KCs, support will initially be 24/5

Faster, clearer communication with real-time support

With a new 24/7* Service Desk, virtual support available through the channel of your choice – WhatsApp, email, phone, and video guidance – and real-time text-to-text translation (via Whatsapp and email) available in over 100 languages, access to our world-class engineers is faster and easier than ever.

*For Packaging and PS&E Automation. For Processing KCs, support will initially be 24/5

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Save machine downtime, disruption, and costs

Solving more issues remotely minimises your disruption and downtime, and maximises production – an average plant will increase uptime by 130 hours per year. But Remote Support doesn’t just benefit your productivity – it saves the cost of site visits and reduces required car and air travel by up to 10% (equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 220,157 kg), lowering your overall carbon footprint.

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Industry-leading innovations

Visual Assistant, our new, industry-leading feature, is a virtual channel that allows real-time assisted reality annotation alongside live video speech-to-text translation. This “share-what-you-see” approach means our experts can now walk you through troubleshooting, instantly identifying issues and possible solutions.

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Flexible support that’s tailored to your needs

With multiple service packages available, Remote Support is a modern, flexible approach to issue resolution that addresses your needs, and gives you greater convenience and peace of mind.

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