True partnership, tailored service solutions

Overcome your operational challenges and achieve tangible results over time with our tailored service solutions. Whatever your pain – together we turn it into gain.

Targeting a wide range of operational challenges

Our customisable solutions enable you to overcome your operational challenges and achieve tangible results over time. By choosing Tetra Pak as your service partner, you benefit from an extensive services portfolio that we tailor to exactly meet your specific needs, combined with our extensive food production expertise.

In short, the key benefits are:

Predictability– regarding cost, uptime and performance

Performance – reaching aspirational production goals

Partnership – committing to driving results together

Profitability – generating more value than it costs

Service solutions illustration

Tetra Pak® Plant Care

Maintenance cost commitment

  • Predictable maintenance cost
  • Optimised maintenance plan according to your production needs
  • Reliable asset performance
  • Convenience – we take care of planning, administration and training

Tetra Pak® Plant Perform

Performance commitment

  • Guaranteed performance in chosen focus area – e.g. ensuring food safety & quality or increasing output
  • Delivered value that is higher than the cost
  • Improved decision-making enabled by digital tools

Tetra Pak® Plant Secure

Operational cost commitment

  • Improved operations in full plant
  • Guaranteed operational cost
  • Optimised asset strategy and utilisation
  • Full plant integration and traceability
  • Improved decision-making enabled by digital tools
  • Optimised stock inventory

Tetra Pak® Plant Care

Proactive maintenance for a predictable cost

Tetra Pak Plant Care is a service solution for you who want convenience, predictability and peace of mind regarding your equipment’s performance and uptime. We take care of your preferred scope of parts supply, maintenance planning and execution for a monthly fixed fee per 1000 packs.
Tetra Pak® Plant Perform

Improved performance with a guarantee

Tetra Pak Plant Perform is a service solution for you who want to perform better in a specific focus area in your plant. Together we identify your improvement potential and create a joint plan to reach it – supported by our digital offerings.
Tetra Pak® Plant Secure

Optimised plant operations for a guaranteed cost

Tetra Pak Plant Secure is a service solution for you who want to achieve long-lasting cost and performance improvements – for your full plant operations. We are present on-site to identify your gaps, train your employees and reduce any uncertainties. We take more risk and commit to improve your throughput – together with you, with a long-term commitment.

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