The key to reliable asset performance

Tetra Pak Plant Care is a service solution for you who want convenience, predictability and peace of mind regarding your equipment’s performance and uptime. We take care of your preferred scope of parts supply, maintenance planning and execution for a monthly fixed fee per 1000 packs.
Tetra Pak Plant Care

Even out your maintenance costs

Maintenance cost can fluctuate lot each month – several hundred percent is not unusual for producers without a service agreement. This graph shows the cost fluctuation of three producers, as an example.

With Tetra Pak Plant Care, you get a proactive maintenance strategy that meets your production demand, predictable cost planning – and lower maintenance costs.
Illustration maintenance costs

How we secured line performance

An African juice, nectar and still drinks producer with 27% market share, was facing increasing production demands and wanted to secure reliability and performance of their three new packaging lines including distribution equipment. See what we did to assure that.

What can we do for you?

Are you curious about how a service solution would benefit your operations? Contact us for a meeting to discuss your needs and what your tailored solution could look like.

We promise you:

  • A predictable maintenance cost
  • An optimised maintenance plan according to your production needs
  • Reliable asset performance
  • Convenience – we take care of planning, administration and training

There’s more to it…

Our Service Solutions address any of your operational challenges from a single asset to a full value chain scope. If Tetra Pak®  Plant Care wasn’t exactly what you were looking for,  maybe one of the following suits you better? 

Improved performance with a guarantee

Optimised plant operations for a guaranteed cost