School feeding programme

Helping feed children, globally

To help children around the world gain access to safe nutrition, we’ve worked since 1962 together with NGOs, governments, customers, and partners on school feeding and nutrition programmes.

Why school milk programmes
are important

As one of the most important ways to provide access to nutritious meals, school feeding programmes help combat malnutrition1. And because the meals often include dairy products, such as milk, they are rich in calcium and other essential nutrients.

Our experience worldwide has shown how effective sustainable school feeding programmes can be in improving nutrition and education for vulnerable groups. The school feeding programme - developed alongside our customers, local governments, NGOs, the UN and international Development Aid agencies - makes a difference for children around the world. 

School girl smiling

Promoting children’s health and education

Discover the transformative power of school feeding programmes and the profound impact they have on children and communities worldwide.

1The International Dairy Federation (IDF) on supporting the nutritional needs of children. Source: