Developing our people

A variety of exciting challenges

Our promise to protect food, people, and the planet drives every aspect of our business. We firmly believe that investing in the development of our people, from recruitment to retirement, is not only crucial for their success but also essential for the success of our organisation.

Growth through learning

By nurturing leadership skills and technical competencies, we empower our employees to make meaningful contributions towards our strategic goals and contribute positively to the world we live in.


Building competencies and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development is a core principle. Through the promotion of knowledge-sharing and experience, we create an environment where competence is valued, acknowledged, and rewarded. Our employees can expect ongoing opportunities for growth that align with their personal goals while contributing to our corporate strategy.

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Evaluations & incentives for success

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Broadening competencies across functions

We are committed to helping our employees develop competencies across various corporate functions. From deepening customer understanding to fostering effective leadership, opportunities are provided to enhance skills that are critical for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

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1In 2022, 98% of employees had regular performance reviews