Tetra Pak and AB Biotek introduce new opportunities for postbiotic food and drinks

Ingredient to help boost the immune system, vitality and wellbeing for consumers

Lausanne, Switzerland (31 October 2023): Today, Tetra Pak announces its collaboration with AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health to introduce a range of innovative postbiotic food  solutions. Postbiotics can be seamlessly integrated in food processing as a powder at the mixing stage of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) products, like beverages, dairy products, ice cream and cheese.

This collaboration comes at a pivotal moment for the health and wellness market, which is estimated to grow from today’s $124.26 billion to $232.46 billion by 2030, representing an annual growth rate of 9.33% according to the Global Research and Markets 2023.

Alberto Kullovitz, Tetra Pak Processing Director, South Europe, said: “We are pleased to see the launch of our first postbiotic product In Italy. Inalpi cheese protein slices enriched with postbiotics.” This postbiotic innovation is not just a response to a demand; it's a demonstration of our ambition to keep our customers ahead of market trends – no matter how fast they move. Together with AB Biotek, we have harnessed our scientific knowledge in food to bring new innovative solutions to the market.

Gerald Dard, Managing Director at AB Biotek, continues: “For the first time, we can now unlock new opportunities for food producers to offer fortified products in categories such as tea, plant-based beverages, sports drinks and more. We are excited to embark on this exciting journey with Tetra Pak.” This pioneering innovation marks a significant advancement, catering to the evolving consumer demand for diversified products.

Tetra Pak is currently exploring an array of postbiotic food concepts, including high protein ambient yoghurt, high protein tea and reduced sugar juice. This involves working with food producers throughout their product journey, from ideation to product concept testing to industrial validation at the company’s world-class Product Development Centres.                                                         


The inclusion of postbiotic powder in a recipe requires minimal investment and does not require additional specialised machinery, allowing manufacturers to swiftly meet consumer demand with minimal effort.

Tetra Pak will showcase Postbiotics at Gulfood manufacturing 2023 7th – 9th November.


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