​​​​Food & Beverage Packaging


Our work with customers all over the world has given us insights into the latest global trends in the food and beverage packaging industry. In this report, we would like to share with you 5 trends that we think are the most interesting for 2014.

Find out how the following consumer trends impact food and beverage packaging:

  • Growing awareness about environmental issues
  • The search by consumers for new products and experiences tailored to their needs
  • Health awareness going mainstream
  • The growing need for reassurance that products are trustworthy when food safety is at risk
  • Convenient products becoming a key need for 'on-the-go' consumers looking for instant gratification.

Knowledge of these trends and many more insights that we have gathered over decades from around the globe, helps us work with our customers to develop new products and package designs, to grow their businesses.


Food and beverage packaging trend report

Food & Beverage Packaging Trend Report