We take the pain out of paying!

Optimise your cash flow by avoiding an upfront payment. With the minimum of paperwork, we give you a quick answer on your eligibility for financing. We offer competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms.

Furthermore, you can secure your investment with a Tetra Pak® Plant Care service agreement and genuine parts. Options at the end of the leasing period include a buy-back solution so if you decide that you don’t want the equipment anymore, we take care of the equipment when you no longer need it. 

No bank or creditor can offer you a total package like this with equipment, financing, services and a buy-back option all from one company.  

A flexible financing solution made for you

We know cash payments are not the best alternative for all our customers. To avoid financial barriers and upfront payments, we offer flexible financing for stand-alone processing equipment including credit plans and leasing. This a smart and cost-effective way to acquire new equipment for your processing line or to replace obsolete equipment. Available for stand-alone components like Tetra Pak® Heat Exchangers, Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixers, Tetra Pak® Homogenizers, Tetra Pak® Separators, Tetra Pak® Ingredient Dosers, Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezers and more.

Our competitive financing solution will pay towards parts and service

Read this case of how leasing a Tetra Pak® Separator H40 through our flexible financing for a five-year leasing period saves enough to pay for one year’s parts or one annual service. And we offer a buy-back solution at the end of the leasing period if you no longer need the equipment.

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