Towards a circular future

We support recycling and reuse, as well as considering the overall nature and climate impacts of raw materials and manufacturing.

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Design for recycling

Collaborating for circularity

boy recycling a carton

Expanding recycling

Our dedicated team of 70 recycling experts around the world are working to accelerate the collection and recycling of carton packages.

woman taking food while sitting at a table

Strengthening local communities

Keeping materials in use benefits nature and climate3, while also helping the communities where these materials are collected, by creating new jobs and new sources of revenue.

Products from recycled cartons

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Protecting what matters
Find out how we're working towards more secure and sustainable food systems.
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Addressing the climate crisis
Find out what we're doing to contribute to lowering climate footprint across our value chain.
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Towards a circular future
Find out what we're doing to improve collection & recycling of used beverage cartons.
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Social sustainability

Empowering people
Find out what we’re doing to protect people by respecting human rights throughout the value chain.
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Restoring nature
Find out how we are using sustainable resources to protect and restore nature.
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Sustainability actions

From awareness to action
Find out how our interconnected strategy drives the change from awareness into action.
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