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Rice, other grains and seeds

The Fast-track to Success

You may know Tetra Pak for our packages or processing equipment solutions. But we offer more than that. Tetra Pak also offers Marketing Services that can help you throughout the entire product development journey – from problem identification, concept creation to prototype development and commercial formulation. This is why we are your one-stop-shop to grow the plant-based category. This level of support is what makes us unique, and it is why we are a pioneer in helping customers innovate and succeed in the plant-based category.

•  Fast-track your plant-based product concept development through our innovation journey and co-creation process.

•  Access an unrivalled database of powerful consumer insights for category development.

•  Rely on our large network of key specialist supplier partners.

Soy beans and green dried

Convert trends into manufacturing solutions. With our unrivalled application knowledge and proven processing techniques, Tetra Pak can help you customise solutions for different products, capture a share of the market’s growth and open up new opportunities in the plant-based category.

With our processing solutions, you will be able to:

•  Explore a wide range of different plant-based raw materials including soy, almond, oat and others to capture the greatest opportunities in your market.

•  Revolutionise the market with a cheaper, more nutritious and more sustainable raw material by utilising our whole-bean soya processing solution.

•  Cutting edge and efficient practices in designing and delivering commercialisation solutions.

powerful packaging solutions

Tetra Pak’s innovative packaging solutions and strong network of contract manufacturers in APAC enable you to stand out on the shelf and meet consumer demand. Discover our extensive portfolio of carton packages, amongst which Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 250 with DreamCap™ 26 which gives you:

•  A better on-shelf image, and the ability to be used with high-quality and nutritious products – perfect for today’s consumers following the health and wellness trend.

•  Better convenience with DreamCap™ 26 and an edgy, modern look, while its one-stop-opening system gives consumers a comfortable drinking experience.

•  Premium potential with Tetra Pak Artistry – a range of packaging enhancements that lets you convey your brand’s unique identity and expression.

•  Consumer engagement solutions. Tetra Pak’s new Smart Packaging concept allows manufacturers to print a dynamic QR code on packages, which can be scanned using ordinary smartphones to increase consumer engagement.

•  Enhanced sustainability credentials. Meet consumer demand with plant-based packaging.

Technician services machine

Tetra Pak Services has the people, portfolio and global presence to achieve customer performance goals. This enables us to implement services that optimise your operations and increase your efficiency, while protecting your investments so you stay ahead.

•  Our services portfolio covers every aspect of manufacturers’ food production methods, from day-to-day operations and competence development through to operational business insights.

•  Our customised services solutions improve performance and cost optimisation, while ensuring food safety throughout the operations lifecycle.

Let us Help you Capitalise on Plant-Based Opportunities

Turn Fresh Ideas Into Products

Become part of this rapidly growing opportunity and discover how to create the next best-selling plant-based beverage in our step-by-step visual guide.

Read this Guide on Tetra Pak’s end-to-end offering, which explains how we can help you move from concept to best-selling plant-based beverage in four simple steps.

Turn fresh ideas into products

Plant Success with Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak’s plant-based PDCs specialise in different categories including plant-based and are designed to help you cost-effectively innovate and formulate quickly.

Do you have a great idea and need help to find the business opportunity, or perhaps you want to expand into plant-based opportunities but don’t know where to start? Read our infographic and learn why our PDCs are perfect for you – wherever you are in your plant-based journey.

Plant success with Tetra Pak