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Tetra Pak is the global expert for plant-based beverages solutions. With our 30 years of expertise in the category, and through our exclusive end-to-end solutions and capabilities, we are the best partner for you to succeed in the growing plant-based beverages category.

Our innovative processing solutions are revolutionizing the market. With our best-in-class production lines that meet both consumers’ and manufacturers’ needs, we are able to produce all kinds of plant-based beverages to meet the needs of local and regional markets. Our unique soya processing solutions are delivering a superior soya protein yield, enabling major cost savings and guaranteeing a consumer-desired taste.



Rice, other grain and seeds

Re-utilising Okara with Zero Wastage – Breakthrough Technology in Soy Processing

One of the key pain points for soya beverage manufacturers has been the issue of dealing with okara – the by-product of the soya extraction process. For instance, every kilogram of soya beans used in the extraction process generates about 1.5-2kg of okara, which not only represents a loss of valuable product yield, but also poses challenges with hygiene and disposal.

Tetra Pak has developed a breakthrough technology that re-uses okara rather than disposing of it, meaning wastage is eliminated from the extraction process. Re-using the okara means a creamier end product can be delivered, and no wastage results in reduced operational costs. We call this new processing technology innovation ‘wholesome soya’.

Oats – Rise of the Humble Grain

Oat drinks are the latest dairy-free contender rising in popularity in homes and cafes across the globe. Our research shows great potential in this category. A range of different consumer trends are currently converging to make oat beverages extremely popular: Sustainability, health, vegetarianism, lactose concerns and animal welfare all play a role.

Consumed as a morning food supplement or as snacks throughout the day, oat-based products can command prices up to five times that of ordinary milk. Thanks to a wealth of expertise in low acid, aseptic technology and many years of soy production, Tetra Pak have the know-how to help you succeed and take advantage of the opportunities in the oat-based category. With an equipment portfolio covering extraction, mixing, UHT treatment, aseptic storage and filling, we can configure complete lines from product formulation to heat treatment and packaging — all based on your product ambitions and formulations.

Coconut – nature’s energy ingredient

Similar to the Soy+ trend, Coconut milk, cream and water are increasingly being combined with other ingredients like juices, purees, cocoa, coffee, soymilk and more, forming endless possibilities of recombined coconut-based beverages. These ingredients can vary, depending on the drinking quality and target cost of producing the final product. Tetra Pak has more than 20 years of experience in the processing and packaging of coconut beverages. In 2012 we established the Coconut Knowledge Centre based in Singapore to leverage this experience. This includes product development, technical knowledge, consumer knowledge, and innovative packaging and processing solutions.

It’s all Going Nuts

The growing variety of grains, nuts and seeds in non-dairy milk alternatives provide a natural source of flavour. Almond milk, for example, has experienced double digit growth in the US market in recent years due to its appealing taste and nutritional value. There are hundreds of different ingredients and combinations of raw materials that can be used. Manufacturers must take into account the variations depending on the season, growing conditions, where the crop is grown, etc. This means new challenges for the laboratory when it comes to assessing shelf life stability. Manufacturers must utilize an experienced and proven partner with highly-capable processing technologies to deliver high-quality nut products. Call your Tetra Pak Expert today to learn more.

Rice, other grain and seeds

Rice grain is an inexpensive and widely available ingredient, but its high starch content can make rice-milk challenging to produce. Take advantage of our application knowledge and advanced processing equipment to achieve the best results.

We work together with you through all stages from sample recipes to commercial production, making sure your end product has the optimal taste and texture for your consumers.

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Powerful Packaging Solutions

We offer you the most innovative carton packaging range for plant-based beverages. Our packages offer consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life and a premium experience.

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