Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI 4X

All the ingredients for success ​in batch mixing for soft drinks​

  • Handles 100% of ingredients in the soft drinks industry
  • For a wide variety of ingredient packaging formats
  • A sustainable mixing choice – virtually no waste
Tetra Pak® Mixer RJCI 4X

Greater complexity calls for greater flexibility in mixing

As soft drinks have become more sophisticated, the challenge is to manage the new ingredients without making production too complicated. Tetra Pak Mixer RJCI 4X can discharge and mix all ingredients handled in today’s soft drinks industry. It can be used to empty multiple packaging formats whether by aspiration using powder or liquid lances or by feeding ingredients into a hopper or dosing into a recirculation loop at various points. Tetra Pak Mixer RJCI 4X works efficiently and flexibly in an industry where the number of ingredients has exploded. One mixer fits all!
Greater complexity calls for greater flexibility in mixing

Five trends in soft drinks you can't afford to miss

Recipes have become more complex, and consumers have become more sophisticated. Find out how five trends are transforming soft drinks; coffee and cola, innovation by flavour combination, ingredients for health and wellness, sour instead of sweet.

How to cope with recipe complexity in soft drinks production

How do you discharge a wide variety of ingredients in multiple ingredient packaging formats efficiently without investing in a lot of different equipment? The trick is to handle this complexity without making things complicated!

The ideal layout for a soft drinks mixing line is a loop

Save capital investments, get greater layout flexibility and superior food safety with a new type of mixing solution: the Ingredient Loop Extension (ILE). Extra equipment such as pumps and conveyors become unnecessary when the ingredients are fed in directly to the loop via an injector.

Tetra Pak Mixer RJCI 4X handles all the ingredients used in today’s soft drinks

Find out how Tetra Pak Mixer RJCI 4X handles four of the trickiest ingredients: lumpy powders, dusty powders, sticky gums and gooey honey.


Patented injection technology

Fast in-feed of powder and concentrate

The injector enables fast in-feed of powder and concentrate directly into the stream and mixing begins immediately in the injector. This allows us to create a vacuum due to the Venturi effect and to aspirate ingredients directly into the recirculation loop. The powder is sucked into the mixer, thereby minimizing dust in the feed. The high turbulence in the injector combined with a special design causes no splashes to ensure no clogging.

Radial jet technology

Symmetrical mixing field for efficient, homogenous mixing

Radial jet technology works with the injector to minimize air incorporation and foaming thanks to calm, even mixing that enables instant wetting of powders. Powders dissolve fast without creating a vortex at the surface.

Smart, ergonomic operator table

Smart, ergonomic operator table

Add powder and liquid ingredients at floor level

The smart, ergonomic operator table lets operators work on the floor to add ingredients at floor level from sacks, Big Bags and various kinds of packaging formats quickly and easily – with an ergonomic and automated solution and a large operator-friendly HMI. It also enables easy water rinsing of the funnel and concentrate drums with a water gun, ensuring that no powder or concentrate goes to waste during addition. The floor level operation minimizes investment cost since no screw conveyor, pneumatic system or platform is required for adding ingredients.

Wet feeding

Easy handling of water-soluble powders

Powders with a tendency to form lumps can be a problem for operators. Crushing the lumps may require a manual intervention using physical force. This is how equipment can become damaged and scratched. But lumps are not a problem with our wet feeding solution. If required, the feeding hopper will automatically fill with liquid creating turbulence for mixing. This will help to separate lumps and start the dissolving process before lumps can clog the system.


Extraction & Recovery System (ERS)

Full recovery of dust back into the product

Securing a safe working environment free of powder dust is important. An efficient dust extraction system is key to meeting this demand. Our unique dust Extraction and Recovery System (patent pending) is able to recover all the ingredient dust and pump it back into the product. This means there is no loss of ingredient through the release of dust. On top of this, unlike dust extractor fans, this system has no filter maintenance and is fully cleanable.

Auto Mixing Device (AMD)

For optimal high shear mixing in soft drinks

Within the soft drinks industry, the usual gum concentrations in the final beverage are within the range of 0.2 - 0.4%. Our AMD can handle concentrations up to 1% at an ambient dissolving temperature (20°C) without the need for an expensive and energy-consuming high shear mixing pump. This static mixing device can be enabled or disabled depending on the recipe or the ingredients to be dissolved.

Ingredients Loop Extension (ILE)

Ingredients Loop Extension (ILE)

No need for separate lines for each ingredient

Our hydraulic conveying technology allows us to extend the recirculation loop with more than one dosing point. By doing this, we can include Big Bag discharge stations or additional feeding hoppers directly into our conveying loop. This gives our customers more layout flexibility for their line. What’s more, we can clean all the lines and thereby eliminate cross contamination and microbiological issues when using dry conveying lines.

Three lances to choose from

Three lances to choose from

Choose the lance that fits your needs

We offer three optional lances for wet and dry intake: firstly, a powder lance for dry ingredients; secondly, a small liquid lance for low viscosity liquid ingredients and, thirdly, a large liquid lance for high viscosity liquid ingredients. This large lance works with water injection and has an outer diameter of 48.3 mm. Water injection technology liquefies highly viscous concentrates at the suction head of the lance to increase the flow rate.