Tetra Pak® Homogenizer

Pioneering design for lower pressure and energy savings

  • HD 100 homgenizing device reduces energy consumption by up to 30% in comparison with conventional designs
  • Easy access to the machine's working parts faciliates supervision, service and maintenance
  • Low cost of spare parts thanks to turnable parts, which can be used twice - once on each side
Tetra Pak® Homogenizer

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak® Homogeniz​​e​rs ​

- high performance homogenization​​

For years, Tetra Pak®'s homogenizers have been enabling the most cost-efficient homogenizing on the market. In recent years, we have built on our own pioneering design and engineering excellence to create a new generation of homogenizers that increase cost efficiency and reduce environmental impact, without compromising food safety.​​​

Quick facts

Homogenizer to reduce particle size and improve product quality

55 to 63,600 l/hr

High or low acid liquid food products. Aseptic or non-aseptic homogenizing. Use as high-pressure pumps, e.g. for powders.


HD 100 (homogenizing device)

Efficient homogenization and low energy consumption

Compared to conventional homogenizing devices, the disc has a larger diameter and a geometrical design that is optimized for high efficiency. It enables lower pressure and so uses less power, yet it still achieves the same product quality. This reduction in pressure also lowers the total load on the machine and enables longer service intervals.

Openable hoods, doors, panels

Provide easy access for service

The homogenizer is designed in such a way as to make the working parts easy to see and access for maintenance and service. For example, the front hood has a lock on each side, which makes it easy to open. Once opened, operators have full access for service of the wet-end parts. Similarly, the drive unit is easily accessed by unlocking the side door, and the hydraulic unit and crankcase are accessed simply by lifting off the two back panels.

Cooling water pipes

Cooling water pipes

Easy access for maintenance

The pipes for the piston cooling circuit are placed in the cylinder bushing, which means operators do not need to disconnect the cooling water pipes to carry out a service. This saves time and effort, and so contributes to higher uptime.

Large inspection window

Large inspection window

Easy to inspect; safer for operators

The hood has a large window, so operators can inspect the homogenizer even while it is running, which increases safety. The moving pistons can also be inspected during operation through the large hood window.

Turnable parts

Double the lifetime, half the cost of spare parts

The homogenizing device, valves and seats are designed symmetrically so they can be used twice – once on each side. This means that when one side gets worn down due to product abrasiveness, the operator simply turns the component over and the machine can run again for just as long on the other side. This simple solution doubles the life of the part and so halves the cost.

Robust pump block

Robust pump block

10-year warranty against cracks

In our design, the pumps have fewer penetration holes to improve aseptic conditions. This concept also helps to improve pump block strength. We are the only company who is using pumps for homogenizers made with such rigorous standards and that’s why we can offer a 10-year warranty.

Proven drive design

Proven drive design

For high capacity at low rpm

The drive unit is the major working component of a homogenizer. Customers are looking for a machine that can run at a comfortable speed to meet their homogenization needs. Our homogenizer models in the 100 series have motor drives designed to ensure lower wear, longer service intervals and wider safety margins.


Automatic damper

For longer running times

Homogenizer dampers absorb pressure variation and shocks before and after the homogenizer. Automatic air refill maintains the air cushion in the homogenizer damper to ensure smooth operation. Without the air cushion, vibration and cavitation would occur and shorten the running time. Fully automated CIP is included - increasing operator safety, improving hygiene, and further optimizing the production cycle.

Smart automation system

Smart automation system

Gives you full control of homogenization

Our homogenizers have automation embedded into their design and the automation is becoming more and more advanced. Smart automation gives you a PLC/HMI that is easily accessible via a tablet or PC and allows you to do such things as change a recipe or working parameter at the press of a button on the screen.

Removable modular design

Fast service and easy access cut downtime

Tetra Pak® is the first company to introduce the concept of removable modules for homogenizers. For example, the hydraulic unit is fully removable on our latest models. If something goes wrong, you can easily take away the entire hydraulic module and put a new one onto the machine. In this way, you can soon restart production.