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Wide rang of applications, baby food puree

Ready to drink infant formula, others, e.g. liquid health supplement products

What else is considered as liquid nutritionals?

Liquid nutritionals - Whey

Medical food Medical food

Dietary management of a disease or condition under medical supervision

Special dietary Special Dietary

Help to supplement regular diet or to follow a special diet (e.g. diabetics, coeliac, etc.)

Sports nutrition Sports Nutrition

Promote physical and mental performance and/or recovery for sport

Meal replacement Meal replacement

Help control hunger, support weight management and/or replace a meal simply for convenience or lack of time.

Boosting health with functional, nutritional and value-added products

When it comes to nutritional food and beverages, quality and safety are everything. Your product needs to stand out and build a strong, reliable brand image.

Boosting health with functional, nutritional and value-added products

When it comes to nutritional food and beverages, quality and safety are everything. Your product needs to stand out and build a strong, reliable brand image.


Nourish Your Idea to Market

Nourish Your Idea to Market covers the five key stages of new product development, sharing a best practice approach for each. To understand how you can find the fastest and most efficient route to developing a profitable new product in this rapidly growing category, download the white paper now.


Baby food production is a rapidly developing category worldwide, characterised by strong, science-driven innovations for added value and care for babies beyond simply nutrition. Product diversification to focus on health and fitness, organic, ethical and sustainable products, as well as fortification with functional ingredients to support immune systems, aid sleep and reduce risk of allergies, for example, are major trends that place high demands on your production and product innovation. Consumers also prioritise quality and safety over price, demanding a strong, safe brand image and good health credentials.

Based on our specialised food production and technology expertise, our competitive and guaranteed solutions meet your needs and enable you to meet growing demands from retailers and consumers.

Growing trends in baby food production

•  Safe, high quality and wholesome baby food purées and infant formula

•  Higher nutritional value and fresh taste and colour
•  A greater variety of products – from smooth fruit purées to purées with beef and potatoes and products with functional ingredients
•  Products that prioritize low environmental impact
•  Medical foods, meal replacements, special dietary
•  Product examples: powders, fruit- and vegetable-based purées, porridge and ready-to-drink products.


Best-practice Line Solutions for Liquid Nutritionals

Best-practice Line Solutions

When it comes to nutritional products, quality and safety are all-important to create a strong, reliable brand image. Our optimal solutions allow you to meet the most stringent requirements whilst unleashing your product innovation and enables you to produce a wide range of baby foods – from infant formula and ready-to-drink products to fruit purées and purées with particles. We enable your flexibility in packaging and processing options, whether it is for chilled or ambient distribution.
Download – Best-practice lines for liquid nutritionals
Continuous line for liquid nutritionals

Continuous Line for Liquid Nutritionals

This line is suitable for low to medium viscous formulations. It utilises our next-generation recirculation mixer, which adequately fulfills the demands of homogeneity with a mixing concept circulation over mixing tanks. The heat treatment is handled by Direct Steam Injection, which minimises heat load to the product and therefore ensures the highest product quality. The product is stored in an aseptic tank before the filling equipment.
Enhanced accuracy continuous line for liquid nutritionals

Enhanced Accuracy Continuous Line for Liquid Nutritionals

This line illustrates how to cope with the challenge of increased accuracy and greater variety of recipes.
Enhanced accuracy continuous line for liquid nutritionals with particulates

Enhanced Accuracy Continuous Line for Liquid Nutritionals with Particulates

This line is suitable for formulations with viscosities above 2000cP and also particulates. The batch mixers can high shear to ensure homogeneity and fat emulsification and then switch to no shear to blend in particles gently.

The heat exchanger is an indirect type, which is more suitable for the highest viscosities and is also required for particulate formulations. Note that the filling machine has limited capabilities when it comes to high viscous and particulate formulations. A high viscous kit is in any case necessary.

Line Solution Key Enabler: High Shear Mixer - The New Generation

Tetra pak high shear mixer r370-1000D

Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer R370-1000D

Agile and cost-efficient to meet your needs today and the future

This mixer cuts operational costs significantly to achieve lowest TCO in the industry with the highest flexibility. Secure consistent product quality and food safety with reliable mixing solutions with full support from a knowledgeable partner.

Unparalleled ingredient mixing performance and lower operating costs, a new design that produces finer, more consistent and more stable emulsions.

Capacity: Up to 30,000 l/hr

Applications: Perfect for all kinds of mayonnaise, cold emulsion sauces, dips, beverage concentrates, ice cream mixes, infant formulas, dairy desserts and more.


•  New smart vacuum deaerator design which removes air since air bubbles expand in size in a vacuum while bubble density is decreased. This allows air bubbles to rise to the surface and be removed more quickly. Accurate control allows you to optimize deaeration conditions and minimise foam formation
•  New mixing head delivers consistent high quality with 15 hits in a single pass; creating a finer, more stable emulsion that prevents separation and sedimentation due to small droplet size – down to 1 micron
•  Patented balanced rotor/stator system with 3 or 5 stages allows you to operate at very high speeds with very narrow tolerances up to 100,000 s-1 shear with adjustable shear and variable speed
•  Patented vibrating powder hopper compacts powder ingredients to remove air whilst the patent-pending switch injector lets you add powder without vacuum for flexible placement
•  Unique twin-screw pump with independent control with pump inlet integrated to vacuum deaerator to optimize suction conditions. Ability to handle viscosities from 0 to 2,000 cP and up to 6 bar back pressure. Enables variable flow from 10-60 cubic metres/hr and runs well even at low flow rate and also allows you to place powder handling up to 10 metres from mixer

Line Solution Key Enabler: Aldose

Aldose aseptic dosing unit e

Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E

Unit for cost efficient automatic in-line aseptic dosing of added ingredients to an aseptic product.

Aseptic dosing of true solutions and suspensions containing particles smaller than 0.22microns into aseptic systems. The ​Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E can also be used to achieve a sweeter taste in unsweetened milk products. The Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E is fully automatic and can serve one or several fillers as well as an aseptic tank.

Capacity: Dosing range 5 – 150 l/h

Applications: Enzymes such as lactase, vitamins, flavours, colours, salt, rennet, i.e. products not suitable for sterilisation by heat.

Aldose aseptic dosing unit e


•  Ingredients are aseptically treated prior to dosing where heat isn’t required. Cost ingredients maintain their original properties which means smaller quantities of the ingredients are needed to get the same result – providing for ingredient savings
•  Tetra Pak's aseptic dosing specialists can help you evaluate the suitability of ingredients (type and quality) and provide guidelines regarding the correct filter for each application. At certain Tetra Pak Product Development Centres, a Tetra Pak® Aseptic Dosing unit E is installed for product trials.
•  A self-supervising system controls the pressure and temperature of the filters in order to safeguard aseptic conditions (and filter running time). It is equipped with a monitoring system to ensure that the sterile filter is intact after the sterilization phase and ready for production.


Alter Farmacia – Growth without restrictions

By investing in a new factory Alter Farmacia is taking control of its own destiny. The plant, which produces infant formula with Tetra Pak equipment, prepares the company well for new growth opportunities.​​

Best practice lines for baby food production brochure

Our versatile lines are designed to unleash your innovation. They support you in creating the customised solutions you need to move your production forward.

Modernise Asia Pacific’s food production brochure

Your optimal solution is one that matches your specific production needs today and for the future – to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. Discover your optimal solution and prepare to win the food fight in Asia Pacific.