​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Processing applications for beverages​​​​​​

​Be first with something new

With 1,500 new beverages being launched each month, this segment is characterised by its relentless demand for novelty.

Ever wondered if your soft drinks could contain fruit chunks?  Or if your juice could be a different colour? Or if you could add probiotics?

When you're working on something new, staff at our Product Development Centres can work alongside you to develop recipes and design production processes.

As every drinks manufacturer knows, it pays to be first! With a processing data-base containing precise information on over 6, 000 products, we can get your production up and running in record time so it reaches the retail shelves ahead of the competition.

The same goes for products aimed at a specific target group – whether it is defined by demographics, geography or special interests such as pregnancy or sport. Experts at Tetra Pak's Product Development Centres can help you can twist your applications to vary taste, texture or appearance, and make sure they appeal to the right consumers.

Satisfy local tastes

In order to be really successful, even global brands need to attract local consumers with traditional local products designed to appeal to local tastes. In Sweden it's blueberries; in the US it's cranberries; in China, almond and peanut drinks are firm favourites while in Spain and Mexico, Horchata – a traditional drink based on tiger nuts – is popular enough to merit dedicated cafés.

Although important, such products are often low volume. That's where Tetra Pak's continuous in-line blending technology comes into its own. It enables fast switches from one product to another, while keeping product losses and cleaning times down to a minimum.

Dominate the shelf!

One way to ensure shelf impact is to create a product series with different flavour combinations or value-added ingredients. It goes without saying, five branded products lined up beside one another in the chilled cabinet or on the ambient shelf make more impact than one or two. Our blending​ and dosing equipment makes it possible for you to extend your range cost-effectively, since you can easily vary the flavour, colour, or add special ingredients like Omega 3, vitamins or calcium to a product before packaging.

Efficient production - for any volume

While apple and orange drinks remain perennial favourites, more niched products come and go, as consumers alternately get inspired and tire of the latest craze. Offering reliable, cost-efficient processing solutions, Tetra Pak helps beverage producers maintain margins on both high and low volume products.

Orange book and Coconut handbook

From tree to table – the juice journey. Read all about juice processing in the Orange book and find information about processing coconut water and other coconut products in the Coconut handbook

Coconut and orange

See our applications for beverages


Juice, nectar and still drinks

Our high accuracy blending equipment for juice processing keeps product losses negligible and capture the natural, delicious aroma of the fruit

Particle drinks

Drinks and juices with pulp and particles

Tetra Pak has several techniques and over 25 years’ experience in making particulate products like soups and sauces, as well as juices and particle beverages.

Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks

The main challenge in carbonated soft drinks is to get the blend just right. We offer innovative processing solutions tailored to your needs.

Soya milk splash

Processing applications for soy​a products

Whole bean soya has huge potential for food producers. Maximise it with our expertise on production challenges, line upgrades, commercialisation and more.


Processing applications for ​​tea drinks

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, and it has long been promoted for having a variety of positive health benefits.

Coconut water

​Processing applications for coconut water​

Coconuts are a scarce resource and, once crushed, the liquid inside quickly turns pink and acquires an off-taste. Rapid processing is essential to prevent waste

Plant-based beverages

Plant-based beverages

Tetra Pak is the global market leader in solutions for the production of plant-based beverages, and our understanding of the category is deepening every day.

Green ripe oat

Oat-based beverages

Consumer love for oat drinks is snowballing, propelling oats past other plant-based raw materials to become the most important ingredient in many large markets.