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Tetra Pak Food Processing & Packaging Solutions

Technological leadership across the board

  • Mixing, blending and formulation
  • Heat Treatment
  • Evaporation, spray drying and powder handling

Serving up food application expertise

  • Batch and continuous production
  • Smooth and particulate products
  • Low to high viscosities
  • Wet and dry products
  • Ambient, chilled and frozen products

Enabling future-proof production solutions

  • Meet investments levels and profitability needs
  • Meet requested functionality
  • Draw upon reusable key units and design elements
  • Are based on best engineering practice
  • Deliver validated performance
  • Gives flexibility to respond to changing production complexity

Product Development Centres and trial mixers

Innovation is always on the agenda in the fast moving food industry. Our food experts at our Product Development Centres can help you innovate quickly and cost effectively. Our trial mixers are available for rental in every Asia Pacific market to help you test new recipes rapidly at a fraction of the R&D cost.

  • Highly flexible industrial pilot-plant facility
  • Experienced food technologists and engineers
  • Close collaboration, full confidentiality

Prepared food applications