Best-practice medium-capacity filling line for ice cream cones 

Interested in graduating from horizontal to vertical hardening to raise your product quality? Or to graduate from manual cone lifting to automated offloading?

This best-practice cone filling line is specifically tailored to help you expand your horizons in ice cream cones – and produce top-quality products economically and smoothly.


Expand into high-value ice cream cones

Lift your product quality to a whole new level – and also reduce unit costs. Our best-practice cone filling line enables you to produce up to 18,000 premium-style cone products per hour. Integrated decoration equipment in the inline filler can produce multi-flavour cones with advanced sauces, decorated top rosettes and both flat and domed lids. An automated pick-and-place system inserts cones upright into hardening trays, resulting in fewer damaged products and lower costs.
Ice cream cones, different flavours and toppings

A robust setup to build your business

The line has only the necessary components for cone production yet its modular format is expandable to offer new cone products if future production needs change. The plug-and-play design is well proven in production conditions and its robust construction is built to last.
Best-practice medium-capacity filling line for ice cream cones 

Work with the world leader in ice cream

Partnering with the world number one in ice cream processing gives unique opportunities to develop your products and innovate new varieties. Our international team of 400 ice cream experts stand ready to help guide you on your journey in cones and beyond.
Two Tetra Pak ice cream experts