Tetra Pak® PlantMaster - one automation and information solution for your entire operation

Become more efficient, secure and competitive

You can produce more with less resources, ensure consistent product quality and food safety, boosting your competitiveness. How? By choosing Tetra Pak PlantMaster, the world’s most innovative manufacturing automation and information solution, specifically developed for food production.

Control, connect, compare

System integration is one of the fundamentals of plant automation. At the core of it lies connectivity enabled by Production Control. It helps create the right data, at the right time for the right purpose. The MES system leverages this data to facilitate decision making.

The optimal solution for your manufacturing plant

Do you need to enhance plant performance? Increasing production control is the answer. You can improve food safety, reduce operational costs and unplanned downtime. Tetra Pak PlantMaster is a perfect solution for you who need to upgrade your systems, get data from production and better control to support decision making. With 1,250 installed solutions we have seen what it can do to boost your business.
Modular, scalable and customizable

One system that gives you total control

With Tetra Pak PlantMaster, you get ONE flexible, scalable, and customisable solution with open MES software platform and common data management system. The MES manufacturing solution helps you:
  • Digitalise your entire operation – across all your sites, no matter your automation level today and what equipment you use.
  • Provide transparent information within your factory and in the entire supply chain – from raw material to consumption.
  • Secure a flexible and future-proof solution thanks to scalability, modularity, software maintenance support, dynamic updates, licensing, and customisable functionalities.

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No matter your size or scope we are happy to discuss what you can gain from taking the next step on your digitalisation journey with us. There is a suitable solution for everyone.

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Fit for purpose – regardless of product

Quality is crucial in food production, regardless of what product you make. Since our solution is developed specifically for the different processes in the food industry, we help you control the equipment and parameters that are relevant to you. Here you can read more about four recent installations we’ve helped our customer with.


Dairy - automation that allows full traceability

Whether you’re making milk for ambient or chilled distribution, fermented products or dairy powders, we truly understand the complexities you face dealing with these sensitive products. Automation turns complexity into simplicity, and helps you stay on top of food safety and quality.

A producer in the Nordics wanted to achieve a fully automated plant with full traceability, integrating equipment from different suppliers, even those not prepared for line integration or digitalisation. They also decided to extend the old plant, move production to a new site and improve the ageing infrastructure.

Beverages - one system for better data management

Many beverage producers make lots of products daily, which can be time consuming and generate losses. Plant automation enables fast switches from one product to another, while keeping product losses and cleaning times down to a minimum. Recipe and batch management is the key.

A Southern European customer was expanding both number and sizes of plants, and wanted to integrate everything into one system. They already produced 650,000 litres of 110 different products daily, and felt a need to utilise their production data better. To provide analytical data for management and get reliable information on the activities, they needed one single IT system.

Powder - plant integration meeting the market demand

Plant automation secures the right quality of your powder production while ensuring minimal consumption of energy and other utilities – especially with our advanced, energy efficient evaporators and dryers.

A large European producer of milk and whey-based products found it challenging to handle variation in incoming raw materials and meet the fast-changing demands of a dynamic market in their old, small and rigid plant. They needed a new, dynamic, completely integrated, high-capacity plant. So they got it.

Cheese producer - full control to minimise manual work

Timing is critical during cheese production, there is no room for interruptions. Whether you have high-volume production or special products, plant automation will give you full control of your production process – from milk intake and pre-treatment, through curd making, drainage and forming, all the way to cheese handling.

A producer in southern Europe wanted to reduce manual work, eliminate paperwork, and achieve total traceability. They were looking for a fully integrated plant with the one-click auto start of planned production and CIP programs for the whole day – with minimal operator interactions between batches they got it.

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No matter your size or scope we are happy to discuss what you can gain from taking the next step on your digitalisation journey with us. There is a suitable solution for everyone.