​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tetra Pak Dairy Index Issue 8

Tetra Pak Dairy Index 2015: Revitalising Dairy – The new good of milk​

​​Consumers worldwide remain overwhelmingly positive about the goodness of milk, understand its nutritional value, but feel variety and convenience are not keeping pace with modern lifestyles and expectations. That is the conclusion of an international consumer study commissioned by Tetra Pak.​​

Tetra Pak Dairy Index 2015

 What is the Tetra Pak Dairy Index?

The Tetra Pak Dairy Index is an annual report, which is designed to help dairy producers identify new opportunities for growth while offering all industry watchers information on the latest facts, figures and trends related to the global dairy industry.

The data contained in the report is collected from a variety of Tetra Pak and external sources and analyzed by Tetra Pak’s dairy market experts. The Tetra Pak Dairy Index also includes Tetra Pak’s analysis of the industry based on its day-to-day work with dairy customers, governments, non-governmental organis​ations and local communities around the world to support every aspect of the dairy value chain.


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