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​​​​​​​​​​Forestry and FSC™

At Tetra Pak​ we favour renewable resources as they can grow and be regrown indefinitely without depleting our natural resources when they are managed with care. This makes them an ideal environmental and business choice. Not only do they regrow as trees, but as forests they provide life to fauna and flora, and are themselves living systems. The forests our suppliers source from are steadily growing , and providing habitats to diverse plant, animal and insect species, they contribute beneficially to the planet's ecology and climate.

Our carton packages are primarily based on wood fibres, but we don't own the forests we source from, nor do we make paper. To ensure sound forest management practices, we have an engaged approach to sourcing and work closely with suppliers, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders globally.

To ensure that the forests we source from are indeed growing, and managed in a way that promotes biodiversity and social fairness, we have a procuedure for responsible sourcing of Liquid Packaging Board. The procedure defines our requirements and ambitions as well as ensures​ transparency of our activities and achievements. We have our performance independently audited to ensure accountability. The objectives, actions and communications of these work plans constitute our forestry programme. The programme's focus is on traceability of supply and sustainable forest management. The aim is to ensure that the sources of our fibre are good – and accepted as such.

Our ultimate goal is that the wood fibre used in our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests certified to the highest standards, currently set by FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council).

View/download Tetra Pak® and FSC™ (pdf)

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Tetra Prisma® Aseptic with FSC™ label

"Our aim is 100% Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) certified paperboard. This percentage has risen from 38% in 2012 to 41% in 2013. Meanwhile, 32 billion Tetra Pak packages carrying the FSC-label reached consumers last year, an increase of more than 5 billion over 2012."