Responsible sourcing means taking into account social, environmental and ethical considerations, as well as cost, quality and delivery time. Our goal is to minimize negative impacts and make a positive contribution to the businesses, people and communities that make up our supply chain.

​​​​​​​​​​​Responsible sourcing​

As a global company with a large number of suppliers around the world, we have an obligation and an opportunity to promote responsible sourcing practices. In the past year, we have strengthened our efforts in this area by making responsible sourcing one of our three main priorities within supplier operations.

We believe this is the right thing to do; and we also believe it is important to ensuring that Tetra Pak remains the packaging supplier of choice for our customers and for consumers. Increasingly, our stakeholders require us to demonstrate that our commitment to sustainability covers our entire supply chain as well as our own operations.

Support and guidanc​​e

We depend on our people to make the right decisions about the companies that supply our goods and services. To ensure that we are giving them the best possible support and guidance, we have initiated a number of activities aimed to strengthening our sourcing across the whole supply chain.

We have created an assurance system, which is integrated with our existing Corporate Governance Framework and underpinned by our vision, mission, core values​ and Code of Business Conduct. These require us to behave ethically and comply with the rule of law.​​​

Responisble sourcing

Our new procurement policy has a strong focus on responsible sourcing. We have also developed a new Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers, which all suppliers must sign up to. As well as setting out mandatory requirements, the Code encourages suppliers to take steps to strengthen their own sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts where possible. In addition to our supplier audit programme, we have introduced a self-assessment tool, which will enable us to gather more information about our suppliers. A large number of our suppliers have been made aware of our responsible sourcing activities and requirements. ​

Responsible sourcing now forms an integral part of our risk management procedures for suppliers. This means that risks related to health and safety, human rights, labour rights, corruption and the environment will now be assessed alongside other traditional supplier management risks.​

Finally, to raise awareness and build capacity among our people, we held the first in a series of training sessions on responsible sourcing. This focused on providing a general understanding of responsible sourcing, and the principles of the UN Global Compact​. This is now being turned into an e-learning module which will be available to all employees.​​

Members of Sedex

As part of our approach to responsible sourcing, we have an assurance system which provides our suppliers with the option of becoming a member of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Sedex offers an effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain. By allowing our suppliers to share relevant data with us through the Sedex reporting platform, we build trust and transparency in the whole value chain and can focus on areas where any improvements are needed.​

Focus on renewability

​​​To develop more sustainable packaging, one of our focus areas is renewability. In particular, we are working to increase the use of renewable materials from natural resources that grow back when properly managed. Using responsibly managed renewable materials helps us to ensure a supply of packaging materials that protect both the food they contain, and their sources. We believe that using renewable resources also creates market differentiation for our products.

As more than 70% of a Tetra Pak package is paperboard – made from wood, a renewable resource – we have already, naturally, taken a major step towards achieving our long-term renewability ambitions. We were also the first in our sector to introduce bio-based caps, and are now leading the way in the use of bio-based plastic coatings. In 2014, we launched our first fully renewable package, the Tetra Rex® Bio-based package (pictured below​), which is now being rolled out with customers around the world.​​

Tetra Rex® Bio-based with TwistCap OSO34

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