Tetra Pak brings the breakthrough technology eBeam to the beverage carton industry for the first time

The Tetra Pak® E3 platform is a series of filling machines that use eBeam, a technology that has been developed by Tetra Pak in collaboration with our partner COMET. The eBeam technology sterilises packaging material using electron beams and replaces the traditional hydrogen peroxide sterilisation process for packaging material while guaranteeing the same sterilisation performance.

Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge cream cartons

Reduce your operational cost

The new sterilisation technique offers numerous advantages such as higher production capacity with no increase in machine dimensions. The Tetra Pak® E3/Speed Hyper filling machine is able to reach 40,000 portion packs per hour, a more than 60% improvement compared with our existing Tetra Pak® A3 platform. In this way, you may save up to 20% in operational cost due to improved efficiency.

Water drop - environmental performance

Improve your environmental performance

The use of the eBeam system instead of hydrogen peroxide means fewer chemicals need to be stored and treated, leading to reduced consumption of water and energy.

The continuous operation of eBeam reduces the packaging and product waste that happens during the set up for the hydrogen peroxide sterilisation process, allowing you to improve your environmental performance.

Glasses with juice and milk

Greater production flexibility

The new platform allows for higher modularity in terms of filled product types. Thanks to eBeam technology, you can use the same machine to move from pasteurised filling to extended shelf life production.



Better for the environment

eBeam is an alternative way to sterilise using the energy of electrons to kill microorganisms on packaging material.


Tetra Pak E3 platform infographic (pdf)

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