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Formed in 2009, the Carton Council of North America is an industry organization committed to growing carton recycling in the United States and Canada. We have had significant success in just over a decade by helping to bring carton recycling to over 70 million households across the U.S.

By promoting both recycling technology and local collection programs, as well as growing awareness that cartons are recyclable, the Carton Council works to limit the number of cartons that become waste. The Carton Council works on solutions for fibres, PolyAl, and full carton recycling. In Canada, it provides a platform for carton manufacturers to benchmark and profile cartons as renewable, recyclable, and low-carbon packaging solutions. In addition, it helps to increase carton recovery and recycling by:

  • Financing and producing carton-recycling awareness campaigns
  • Providing resources to optimize sorting processes
  • Financing pilot projects
  • Connecting sellers and buyers of recycled carton bales

In the U.S., the efforts have resulted in:

  • Carton recycling programs in 11,099 schools
  • A national carton recycling rate of 20%
  • 7 end-markets for cartons in North America
  • 61% household access in the US = 70.8 million households that can recycle cartons

The Carton Council continues to work to increase the number of school programs to 16,254, increase the U.S.recycling rate to 25%, and increase the U.S. household access to recycling to 75%; all by 2025. 

Robotic arm sorting cartons for recycling

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