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Collection and sorting

Overview of automated recycling facility

In the U.S., and Canada, Tetra Pak is a founding member of the Carton Council of North America, a nonprofit organization of carton manufacturers that works to support recycling technology and local collection programs. As part of these efforts, the Carton Council offers grants to materials recovery facilities (MRFs) that take in and sort collected recyclables. 

The grants allow MRFs to acquire different types of equipment to help sort cartons. More recently, that equipment started to include robotic systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) to sort cartons, increasing sorting efficiency and accuracy. MRFs are able to improve the capture of cartons to make bales of Grade 52 which then can go to full carton recyclers or to paper mills. 

A.I. driven recycling sorting

The Carton Council has provided multiple grants that have resulted in the deployment of AMP or other robotic systems in MRFs across the US: states like Florida, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. This has allowed MRFs to generate better quality bales of Grade 52 for recycling which contributes to the circular economy. 

Carton Council continues to assist local and regional MRFs with infrastructure grants that will enable them to sort cartons into Grade 52. This results in more community access to carton recycling and a rise in the carton recycling rate.

Robotic arm sorting cartons for recycling

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