ECO-recarga con recybot

Reverse vending machine

People in front a recycle station

Recybots are reverse vending machines located at stations in the Santo Domingo Subway. Users get Dominican pesos to be used on the public transportation system (eco-recarga) in exchange for their used Tetra Pak cartons, PET bottles and aluminium cans.

The instant reward when returning recyclable packages through the Recybot reverse vending machines, motivates repeat use, increasing the awareness about the recyclability of Tetra Pak cartons and further raising collection rates.

Reverse vending machines are an integrated part of consumers' routines in the Dominican Republic – at the Santo Domingo Subway and the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), for example. Everyday recycling is then made convenient, efficient, and profitable for all stakeholders.

The reverse vending machines are currently located at:

  • Centro de los Heroes
  • Maria Montez
  • Juan Pablo Duarte
  • Concepción Bona
  • Eduardo Brito

Recently, we installed a Recybot in AILA and there are plans to install machines at La Isabela Airport and Puerto Plata Airport. At the airports, consumers will be able to exchange their recyclables for discounts in food and beverages on partner stores.

Recybot was the first reverse vending machine multi-material (receiving beverage cartons, PET bottles and aluminium can) in the Caribbean. The machines were designed and are manufactured locally in the Dominican Republic.

Our objective is to increase the support to the initiative and number of partners so we can further expand its reach.

Recycle station in a subway

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