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Retailer’s store front is one of a strong collection channels in Japan. Consumers can bring used cartons for recycling when they go grocery shopping, adding convenience to recycling.

However, while over 50% of collected chilled cartons come from retailer’s store fronts, just 25% of collected aseptic cartons come from this channel. Tetra Pak has been focusing efforts to address the issue, as well as expand the collection network for both chilled and aseptic cartons, keeping it convenient for consumers.

Due to these efforts, many retailers in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area now accept aseptic cartons in their carton collection boxes. Co-ops – with a 60% coverage ratio nationwide – also reacted positively to the efforts and are now participating in aseptic carton collection.

The collection infrastructure is key to increase recycling. Tetra Pak has been involved in carton recycling in Japan since 1984, having achieved national reach. In the beginning, only chilled cartons were accepted by recyclers, but as technologies improved, now several recyclers accept all cartons. In addition, Tetra Pak collaborates with paper dealers and recyclers, covering the entire value chain.

Iniatives to raise consumer and retailer awareness to carton recyclability are also part of the overall efforts. 

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