Dong Tien – recycling capacity

To support the Tetra Pak efforts to build a low-carbon circular economy and contribute to expanding recycling solutions worldwide, Tetra Pak Vietnam has partnered with the Dong Tien Packaging and Paper Co., Ltd., co-investing more than 3.5 million euros to upgrade and expand the recycling capacity of used beverage cartons in the country.

Dong Tien’s recycling factory

Products made from recycled carton packages

The enhancements are expected to increase Dong Tien factory’s capabilities of separating paper of milk Tetra Pak cartons by almost double, reaching 17,000 tons/year. The new recycling line will also enable the production of high-quality recycled pulp that can be used to make products of high commercial value, such as napkins and office paper, helping to raise the commercial value of Tetra Pak used cartons and income for collectors.

This is the first time a foreign packaging solutions company has invested in promoting capacity for Vietnam’s recycling industry.

For more than 10 years, Dong Tien and Tetra Pak have cooperated to achieve the common goal of developing a carton recycling eco-system for Tetra Pak’s customers in Vietnam, a goal that has been appreciated by the government, food and beverage manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Quick facts:

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Partners: Dong Tien