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Stakeholders showcasing the InspirACTion initiative

The InspirACTion program looks at all steps involved in the recycling of carton packages, from consumer awareness and education about the importance of waste segregation at the source, to expanding collection, and then developing end-products from polyAl to be used by the local community.

Launched in 2018 in partnership with two municipalities (East Jakarta and Tangerang City), along with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the program also counts with the collaboration of brands Sosro, Ultrajaya, and Indolakto, which contributed to the efforts of creating a mini-libraries in schools, as well as building shelters and benches all made from PolyAL board in cities park.

For the awareness and education part of the program, working with schools, waste bank units, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, we are able to engage directly with consumers. That way, we can educate them on the importance of waste segregation at the source (just flip-flap-flatten), the use of renewable materials in packaging, as well as sharing information of collection points and end-products made from recycled cartons.

School library interior created with recycled polyal material

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Redia, Waste4Change, Schools, Waste Bank, Municipality (Jakarta, Tangerang), Customers (Ultrajaya, Sosro, Indolakto)

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