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Close up of roof tiles made from recycled polyAl

We support Euro Techo’s efforts to recycle polyAl using hot-pressing thermoforming to produce roof tiles and flat sheets, and to expand capacity and end-market for the materials.

Part of Industrias VEQ, Euro Techo is an integrated recycler, using only Tetra Pak cartons as raw material, and currently they as three companies: QF Mex which manufactures cardboard for the shoe industry, Velty which makes tissue paper, and Euro Techo which uses polyAl to produce roof tiles. The company was created in the 1960s in Mexico City for the recycling of cardboard into soles for shoes.

Starting in 2010, with support from Tetra Pak, the company shifted their focus to produce shoe soles from 100% recycled fibre from Tetra Pak cartons. 

Later in 2014, they invested in four hot presses to use the polyAl left from the recycling of the cartons in the manufacturing of roof tiles. Demand for such roof tiles is very high in Mexico, as it is used in poultry and pig farms. Due to the thermal and permeability properties of the material, flat sheets are also seeing increased demand in the construction and furniture industries. In 2018, they invested in equipment to make tissue paper from recycled cartons, increasing their recycling capacity.

Currently, their installed capacity is 3,000 tons of packaging and they produce 10,500 roof tiles and flat sheets per year. Due to the success of the operation, there are plans to acquire a second paper machine, increasing capacity even further.

To expand market opportunities, Tetra Pak is working with Euro Techno to promote their products with the objective of expanding their reach to other parts of the country, mainly in the central region, coastal areas and tropical climates.

Roof tiles made from recycled polyAl

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