IoT cartons collection program

Collection and sorting

IoT recycling bins and a phone showing the associated reward application

The IoT recycling promotion and recycling system consists of a reward system that allows consumers to earn points by recycling using any of the IoT collection bins available. 

The project was started at Songpa, Gangnam and Sejong City with 50 units in 2018; now more than 300 bins are available in 20 cities. Several local governments in South Korea, including Seoul, Busan, Gyeonggi have already launched the program. 

Brand owners such as Maeil Dairies support the rewards program – consumers can use the points earned from recycling to get their products.  

The plan is to extend this program across the country, as a smart city solution for local governments in support of the "Green New Deal" and "Smart City" policies in Korea.

Women interacting in front of a carton recycling station

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South Korea

Oysterable, Maeil Dairies, Gangnam-Gu, Songpa-Gu, Sejong City

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