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Kids recycling carton packages at a recycling station

Recycling is environmental issue that is close to consumers. In Sweden, recycling has been well established for over 20 years. Despite that, there has been a difference in the recycling rate for different kinds of packages. Tetra Pak is always looking for opportunities, and working actively, to increase the recycling rate of carton packages, which has increased over the years. Key to this increase has been the growing communication on the environmental benefits of recycling.

One of Tetra Pak’s biggest initiatives in Sweden is a school competition called “The carton match” (Kartongmatchen). Since its beginning in 2012, more than 270 000 pre-school and schoolkids (grade F-6) have participated in the competition, making it the largest school competition so far.

The objective is to spread the knowledge about the importance of recycling, how it’s done, and that used cartons are a valuable resource and can be recycled into new products.

The competition launched a digital platform in 2015 (www.kartongmatchen.se) with both pedagogical and inspiring material, movies and tasks related to the environment and recycling. This platform also shows information on the competition in real time, such as number of participants and the reported collection rate among them. Since 2019, it is also possible to follow and compare the collection rate and participants at municipality level.

Our partners Skånemejerier, Arla and Norrmejerier are co-hosts in competition tasks, and this year we welcomed the recycling mill Fiskeby board as the newest partner.

The competition includes an intro quiz on recycling and three “matches”:

  • Match 1: Measuring how much recycling the family does at home for two weeks and documenting a visit to a collection point
  • Match 2: Creating a milk carton recycling campaign for a chance to be featured on a real milk carton
  • Match 3: Spreading the word to one hundred people, documenting the activity

All tasks are selected to engage the children and their families in recycling with the purpose of establishing improved recycling habits but also engaging them in spreading the knowledge to others.

Kids collecting carton packages in a recycling bag

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