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PolyAl pelletising line in facility

Tetra Pak invested in a dedicated polyAl pelletising line at Gayatri Paper Mill. The line has been operational and producing pellets since 2016. Ongoing trials have been conducted with local plastics injection moulding companies to develop products made with polyAl content.

Some of the innovative and ground-breaking developments locally have been blending polyAl with other polymers such as Polypropelyene and High Density Polyethelyene. This has opened new opportunities to make use of polyAl content in existing products manufacturing.

Further developments are underway to expland polyAl end-use through the manufacturing of returnable pallets. Another innovative product that has been developed and is being manufactured locally is a point-of-sale display stand. This is used in retail stores for shelving products for promotional purpose. A total of 1700 stands have already been distributed through a retail chain called Dischem Pharmacies. 

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