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Recycling capacity

PolyAl equipment line in recycling facility

Previously, Fulun was a small paper mill in the Fuyang district, Hangzhou City, which is famous for paper making with more than 1,900 years of history. At a point, more than 1,900 paper mills were located in this small district. Due to environmental protection regulations and industry modernization, all the mills in Fuyang shut down, except for Fulun, that managed to transform from a paper mill to a circular economy enterprise with Tetra Pak’s support.

In 2018, Tetra Pak supported Fulun to set up its new recycling plant, which has integrated capacity for fibre (70kt/y) and polyAl (40kt/y) recycling. The plant has a drum pulper for fibre recycling and equipment for polymer and aluminium separation (upgraded from batch to continuous process, by using formic acid or NaOH to reduce the adhesion between the different layers). Fulun has also installed a plastic granulator line and a water treatment plant. With that, Fulun has become the only company with capability to treat wasted paper-based composite packaging material in Hangzhou City.

With the further development of a circular economy and the implementation of a compulsory garbage sorting policy, the amount of recyclables such as carton packages and meal boxes being separated for recycling, rather than being incinerated, is rising. Fulun realised an opportunity to build its own collection team to extend the business to upstream. Its second plant for raw material sorting is under construction.

In addition, a circular economy education center has been established in the new plant and is frequently visited by schools, food manufacturers and other stakeholders. In 2019, more than 200 sessions visits were organized. 

Manual post separation sorting of material

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