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After some trials, in 2010 Lucart devoted a paper production line to the recycling of carton packages and started the “Natural project”. The project objective was to enhance the characteristics and natural color of fibers for a new ecological line of paper products, both for the household sector with GrazieNatural and for the professional sector with EcoNatural.

Several joint communication activities followed the launch of the products promoting recycled carton packages as source material for these high value paper products. The label Fiberpack® was then developed as a “mark of origin” for all-natural products, emphasizing the recycled cartons as the source material.

A few years ago, to close the loop, Lucart also started to use polyal to produce soap and paper dispensers for the EcoNatural product line. Now, following an increase in production capacity, Lucart is expanding. A new polyal recycling plant is about to start to produce polyal granules for plastic pallet manufacturing. With this addition, Lucart is not only making the the recycling process more efficient, but also creating a market outlet for all components of the carton package. 

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